2013 5.0 Mustang

It's ours and it's awesome.

A Weekend With The Driver's Edge

Have you ever had a dream of driving your car on an open track? You really don’t know how close you are to being able to participate in the greatest sport of all. Performance Driving!

Rolling like a BOSS

A before and after answering the famous question - How'd you do that?

Oh Ladies!

You've gotta see these fun shirts for the female auto enthusiast!

2012 Competition Orange Ford Mustang Boss 302

People often see shots like below and ask things like: "How fast were you going!!?!?" "What'd you do, lean out of a chase car at high speeds?" "How in the world?!?!" Well, I'll spoil the magic for you and show you a before and after ;)

Then & Now

We all start somewhere. Somewhere for me was purchasing a digital SLR to take better photos of my black 2000 mustang GT so that I could follow in the steps of the graphics gurus on Black Mustang Club and create awesome signatures for my forum posts. At the time, I never imagined those steps would bring me here. I'd like to show a photo that I considered a favorite back then, in all it's horribly contrasted glory. Let's step back to June 2007.

I loved this photo. Everyone loved this photo. People still ask about the location.

Photo taken with a Canon Rebel XTi & 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Non-IS len. Without a circular polarizer. And long before a even knew the real differences in the letters on the camera mode dial. Why this one was shot in shutter speed priority? I couldn't tell you. ISO 400, f/13, 1/500 sec. Shot as a jpeg. (Because I'm not sure I knew the term RAW then either). For starters, a little bit more detail in the shadows of the front bumper would've been nice.

Fast forward to August 2012, and together, Justin and I are able to accomplish this:

No matter where you are on your journey - just keep shootin'! You can't learn it all overnight. So try some new things and have fun doing so!

2010 Sunset Gold Metallic Mustang

We're back with two more photos from the parking garage! Yes, I think the black car looks freakin' fabulous...because it's mine. But everything else is so much easier to photograph. And more fun to edit. Colors are pretty. Haha! This is our friend Trent's V6 Mustang...and he found the location for us. We've attempted to photograph his car with the lights twice before, always forgetting an important detail...the cord connecting the battery to the strobe... the adapter that holds the octabox on... third time's a charm I guess! Trent, hope it was worth the wait! Note to everyone... check lists. Learn 'em. Love 'em. Use 'em. ;)

2013 5.0 Mustang

We've had the 2013 5.0 Mustang for a month now (traded in the 2008). Packed with the brembo brakes, 3:73 gears, & recaro seats, she's hit 2000 miles, been around Texas World Speedway, and become very well loved already. But until last night, we hadn't gotten any good pics of her (outside of the track, more on that later). In the middle of more than a week straight of rain, we gave her a quick wash and headed across town to a new parking garage. And then promptly got rained on again today. Hmph. The washing was worth it tho. See for yourself ;)

Equipment used:
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 17-40 f4L, Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS
Photogenic StudioMax III strobe, 3' Octabox, Canon 580 EX II, 16" Softbox